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1. INTERNET – Not all PCs come with built in wireless. If you have wireless this may be an internal card at the back that came with aerials which you may need to connect. Or you may have a small USB wireless dongle in one of your USB ports. If you do have wireless then you should have an icon at the bottom right of your desktop screen, you need to click on this, choose your connection and add the code from the back of your router.


2. CD/DVD Drive – Most of our new cases do not come with a DVD drive or have a bay to fit one. This is because most games are now purchased online and downloaded. If you need a DVD then we sell an external DVD drive for £15.


3. CONNECTION – Please check that you have enough cables. You should have a mains cable for the tower, a mains and video cable for your Monitor. Some of the latest graphics cards will only have a digital output, either DVI, HDMI or Display Port. If you are connecting to an existing monitor then please check that it has the corresponding input. Some new graphics cards have MINI HDMI instead of the normal sized HDMI on a TV so if you are connecting to a screen please check that you have the correct cable. Check out the image for cables you may need to connect.


4. KEYBOARD – The keyboard that you have may have a backlight to illuminate the keys, if so then you often need to tap a button or sequence of buttons to activate or change the colour.


The most common buttons are either the SCROLL LOCK button or the PAUSE BUTTON. Some brands will need you to press the FN button (normally near the space bar) at the same time as the SCROLL LOCK or PAUSE button. If your keyboard will show multiple colours then tapping repeatedly will change the colour and then turn the lights off.


5.GAMES – Most games come online from Steam or Origin and you will need to create an account to use these. Please bear in mind that many games can take hours or days to download so you may want to try to download these in advance of Christmas day.


6. SOUND – If you have headphones then some models need you to connect multiple connections for example a USB, a microphone and a headphone wire. If you are not getting any sound check that the headphones do not have a volume on which is often switched to OFF or very low in the packaging.